Pion and Simon Electronics has ceased to do business as of January 1, 2017.

Our support files are now being hosted by the Repeater Builder site. Click on that link to get our contact info also. We would like to thank Kevin Custer and his crew for hosting the site and for all they do for Amateur Radio. They've been a tremendous help over the years. We will continue to provide tech support by personal e-mail when necessary, and we will continue to monitor messages on the GE Mastr II group sponsored by Repeater Builder.

As electronics engineers we started out doing this as a hobby during retirement, to replace a couple controllers that were going bad in our club repeaters. We found that there was enough interest in the boards among the Mastr II community, so we made some production runs and sold them. Now it's time to close the doors, so to speak, and move on to other things. We would like to thank our customers, our beta testers, and all who have helped us make our boards a success.

73 de Al and Elizabeth.