Note:  We have sold all of the current run of production boards.  We have a few pre-production boards that are exactly like our production boards but with cosmetic blemishes.  We will be getting these ready for sale at a later date and will make an announcement here and on the Mastr II board when they are ready.

We at Pion and Simon Electronics regret to announce that we will be going out of business in 2016.  We will continue to provide tech support by e-mail and on our website until the end of 2016, at which time the website will cease to exist and remaining support will be available only by personal contact. There may be a free site somewhere on which we can post the user guide and schematics for those who need them. If so we will link to it here.

As electronics engineers we started out doing this as a hobby during retirement, to replace a couple controllers that were going bad in our club repeaters. We found that there was enough interest in the boards among the Mastr II community, so we made some production runs and sold them. Now it's time to close the doors, so to speak, and move on to other things. We would like to thank our past and current customers, our beta testers, and all who have helped us make our boards a success. Check out our 2 channel board on the products page.  It's a bargin at it's new reduced price!

73 de Al and Elizabeth.

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